Inspiration Board: Beauty

She is so pretty. Tumblr sometimes get me drawling over beautiful people till an extend I can hear myself saying 'how can someone be so pretty?!'  And don't think I'm a insecure complaining ass **, cause i'm far from that. But I just love acknowledging beautiful things. 

I think we should admire beautiful things more. We people, and especially woman, tend to get jealous about things like this so fast. 

I was speaking about this at work yesterday. I think we should help each other see the beauty in ourselves more and the best way to do that in my eyes is to acknowledge it. You never know maybe that one compliment you gave, boosted that persons self esteem up from 0 to a 100 real quick haha. So why don't give it, it's not that u have anything to loose anyways. 

So go ahead and compliment me on this inspiration board! Hahaha i'm just kidding!

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and wish me luck!

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