Outfit: Style is what you feel comfortable in, true or false?

A question I often need to ask myself, but secretly know the answer to already. What is more important in an outfit, comfort or style?
I think this outfit is a great example to my answer btw. I'm wearing slacks, oversized blouse and sneakers. When I picked it at first, it looked so weird together. But the longer I stared the more I started to like it.. Hmm weird.

I think I would go for comfort. I would rather look like crap, but feel good all day than look stunning, but can't  wear it without longing to off it again. 
Thank God the fashion industry is making it easy too combine those too things now a days. Take for example the sporty chic and slubby cute - trends i've been loving btw - we have been seeing on the runways for a while. 
What would your answer be to the question comfort or style if u had to choose?

Wearing: H&M Jacket, vintage DIY'ed blouse,
Primark Slacks and Nike Air Max

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