Inspiration Board: Can't let u go

I can't quite picture how my inspiration boards will look like when fall really hits. I mean, fall is straight up knocking on my door and in the state i am right now is like I'm going to open that door in a bikini while sipping on some coconut water - I don't even like coconut water, but u get the picture right -  
So as I said my head is way too high in the sky on that summer flow and needs to drop down a couple of miles. But I promise this will be the last time - at least I hope - u will see bikini's and tropical suns in my inspiration board. Oke at least I will try. 
Hope to see u in my next post
What will be not so sunny. 
Much Love,


  1. Hey Motilayo! The picture of the kid eating ripe mangoes just took me back to the days in my home country.Have a great day.x

  2. I hope you come back to blogging soon.

    Whenever you can, pls visit my blog and tell me what you think of it.

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