Imaginary Outfit: School is cool

- Home is where the heart is
So today was officially the first day that the sun was shining, but I was freezing. I mean I even had to keep my leather jacket on during work. And I don't know if it was just me - some of my colleges were calling me crazy for doing that -, but I think the summer have really left us.
I mean it didn't even gave us the chance to get use to the cold. No, no it just threw us in the deep, now it's meant for us to learn how so swim or sink.
So while sipping on some warm coco with my blanket trying to watch the movie Straight Outta Compote without my mom disturbing me, let me first put this blogpost online. 

So u know how I was telling u about the back to school/ welcome autumn looks I put together on Polyvore, yeah so here they are. The outfits are kind of a mix of the 'lovely depressive autumn' colors and the bright 'take me back to summer' colors. And I think thats fair, because in this state of the season it's all a mix of u know what so why not bring that out in your looks right hahah.
For more looks make sure to follow me on Polyvore - username: xMothii or just click here -.
- Autumn I'm coming for u
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 - Sweeter than the sweetest orange
 - Perks of having a boyfriend

Thanks for stopping by
dress yourself warm and don't forget to swim hahah :)
Much Love,


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