3 Jul 2015

Outfit: Expect less, enjoy more

Always feels great when things go better when they are not planned. Being someone who likes to have a general planning for the day, it's funny how you can end up with so much more and greater experience than thought, if u just let it go. 
This was one of this days, that the universe what trying to make me clear that there is so much more to do and overcome if u just let go sometimes. And I think I need to thank the way to hot weather for this too. As if nothing can function well anymore, inclusief my brain.

1 Jul 2015

Inspiration Board: Hairy thoughts

I really want to do something with my hair. As you may know I have my natural hair out again
and it has grown a lot! I'm so happy with it. Of course it's not yet at the length I want it to be, but I can definitely say I'm confident enough to style it and wear it out the way I want now.

28 Jun 2015

Outfit: Dr. Love

So this friend of my came to me asking if I can help him out, because there was this one girl he liked...  All that was going through my mind was 'how would a  normal person react on this'.
I'm such a sucker for love. How does he expect me to play love doctor if I need a doctor myself hahah.

26 Jun 2015

Outfit: Summer crush

 I think I need a serieus closet cleansing - I mean when the rail in your closet collaps it's a sign right, haha -.  The amount of cloths I have, but don't wear are uncountable.
Therefor I think I'm going to put everything on Depop. I saw and heard that it really worked out for some people, so why not give it a try. - username is mothiscloset, make sure to check it out -

23 Jun 2015

Inspiration Board: Summer Lover

Oh, summer sun, all winter I have missed
your stale hot breath upon my upturned face;
your tongue that seers my flesh as I unlace
 the strings on my bikini I am kissed
by sultry lips that burn can't resist!
I bask in the in light of day, and I embrace
Your penetrating rays that find each space
of skin exposed I wait and plan my tryst.
And when you come, I’ll reverence you once more,
supine, as you would have me,  to receive
your torrid touch as token of your lust.

Keep  on reading for more inspiration pictures!

17 Jun 2015

Imaginary Outfit: Running thoughts

Lovers in de park
Omgosh I had my last last last overall exam today. I had to show all my work of the past year
and they were so excited and pleased about everything, nobody can take away the joy I have right now. Now I can finally relax and enter my second year with a stress-free heart. 
Only thing I'll probably be stressing for this summer is the portfolio I have to start.

I mean I have no idea where to begin. I don't know what kind of things I want to do - I think
fashion related, but I do like interior, photography and food too.... - or even how I want my logo to
look like. 

9 Jun 2015

Inspiration Board: Mood

Found myself scrolling a few hours long on Tumblr again. Thought why not share some cute photo I found with you.