24 Jan 2015

Outfit: Just got out of bed and I'm ready to go back

- Comfy in grey 

My room is such a mess. All my clothes are on the floor,
just because i can never make up my mind about what I want to wear. 
So then I end up wearing way to sloppy and casual looking outfits that scream
"just cam out of bed and I'm ready to go back". 

16 Jan 2015

Outfit: Dinner

Hee guys, are you enjoying the weekend already? Last week was my mom's birthday - hope you enjoyed your day mom -
We went to this cool all u can it restaurant in Amsterdam.
There food was so good I had to be carried home.

14 Jan 2015

Inspiration board: Slacking

So I made a new inspiration board for you. 
Because it's a new year and I noticed
I haven't done anyone yet. 

10 Jan 2015

Outfit: Welkom to my pokemon world.

I'm trying to make this depressive dark days a little bit brighter 
in my new and super comfy pokeomon trackpants from O-Mighty.com
Want to see the full look? Keep on reading!

4 Jan 2015

Outfit: 2 0 1 5

Happy New Year guys,
Did u have an amazing cross over, I do hope so!
I surely did. I spent my night at church with my beloved once
and was able to meet some new people. I wouldn't have wished it differently.

29 Dec 2014

Outfit: The end is near

Hee guys,
The end of the year is near. How have you guys been preparing for the cross over?
Have u made so nice plans yet? If not, there is no pressure for we still have a few days to go, so why not let us enjoy them to the fullest!

26 Dec 2014

Outfit: Merry Christmas

Hee my lovely readers,

Wanted to post this yesterday, but I have been sick for a few days - I know sad me was sick during christmas dinner :( -.
Anyways I just wanted to take the time to appreciate you all.
Blvck Or Something wouldn't been anything without all your sweet comments and love you have been showing me. Also when I wasn't able to keep up to my posting schedule - what won't happen in 2015 anymore, PROMISED -. 

I hope you all had an awesome time to celebrate the birth of Christ whit your friends and loved ones,
had a lot of fun and were able to create an awesome food baby these few days!

Thanks for stopping by
Much Love,