21 Aug 2014

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I want to thank Lori Afia from Fabeau Trends for nominating me for the 'Very Inspiring Blogger Award'. I feel so flattered and it brings me so much joy to know that I really am I inspiration to some of you! I love you all with all my heart <3

First things first: THE RULES:

  • Thank and link the person who nominated you.
  • list the rules and display the award.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other blogs and comment on their post to let them know they have been nominated.
  • Optional: Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blog who nominated you. 

Lets get personal, SEVEN FACTS ABOUT MOI:

  • I love being health, but I'm just to lazy. Thank God I don't gain weight easily.
  • You can't see me sad often, for my name is 'I have joy' - but really that is what my name means, funny hu hahah. -
  •  I love fashion, food and music.
  •  At first I may come over a bit shy, but trust me I'm really not.
  •  I love blogging. It turned from just a holiday thing to a real hobby, definitely not planning to stop soon.
  •  Not a lot of people I know, know I have a blog 
  •  I love having things in control and doing it my own way, but I'm always very open to new things and experiences.

The cool people keeping me inspired, 15 BLOGS I NOMINATE:
- Omgosh this was so hard, I really couldn't choose my bloglovin list is full with inspiring blog pff.. -

I want to take a minut and thank my readers too, because if it wasn't for you guys I would maybe have quit blogging for a long time and I won't know how much fun it really is.
You guys give me the energy to keep on keeping on. I appreciate the time you take to visit my blog and all the sweet comments you always leave down below. I love reading and answering them, you guys are the best!

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and I hope you enjoyed the post
Much Love,

18 Aug 2014

Purchase post: Back from being gone

Hee guys,
As promised here is a bargain post. I havent make any purchase post in almost a year now. Do you like this kind of posts, let me know and I will make them more often :)

I bought the things I'm going to show you in this post during my holiday. There aren't a lot because I'm still trying to save a little.

Zoals beloofd is hier een koopjes post. Ik heb al bijna een jaar lang geen koopjes post gemaakt. Vinden jullie dit soort posts leuk, laat het me dan weten dan zal ik ze vaker maken :)

De dingen die ik ga laten zien in deze post heb ik tijdens mijn vakantie gekocht. Het zijn er niet heel veel want ik probeer nog een beetje te sparen.

H&M Hat, Primark Kimono, THS Skirt, Primark One-piece 

Zara Pants, Nike Air Max, Zara Blouse

  1. Greek Hand Made Bowl, 2&3. Ray-Ban 4. Hand Sewing machine 5. Traditional Greek Soap 

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Much Love, M

17 Aug 2014

Outfit: Showers of blessing

Hee guys,
It's raining cats and dogs here, but not that it hasn't been like this all summer long but o well.
Lets pray that these showers bring along some awesome blessings from above.

Saturday Vestival will be taking place, a new music festival in Nijmegen. I'm very existed, because I will be seeing some very cool artist - Miguel, Trey Songs, Asap Rocky, Ryan Leslie do I need to continue ?! -, but that means another photo diary. I hope you guys are as excited as I am right now :)
- Haven't seen my last photo diary of me on Appelsap Fresh Music Festival, check it out here! -

Het regent pijpen stelen hier, maar niet dat het niet de hele zomer zo was achja.
Laten we bidden dat deze buien prachtige zegeningen van boven met zich mee brengen. 

Zaterdag zal Vestival plaatsvinden, een nieuw muziekfestival in Nijmegen. Ik heb er zin in, want ik zal een aantal toffe artiesten zien - Miguel, Trey Songs, Asap Rocky, Ryan Leslie moet ik doorgaan?! -, maar dat betekent nog een foto dagboek. Ik hoop dat jullie net zo enthousiast zijn als ik nu :) 
- Nog niet mijn laatste fotodagboek gezien van Appelsap Fresh Music Festival, check it out here! -

Wearing: Vintage Blouse, Primark Dress & Necklace, H&M Boots

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Want to see my new purchases, it will be up tomorrow!

Much Love,

14 Aug 2014

Inspiration Board: August...

August is the month for kids it's the last few weeks of freedom before a new school year begins.
August is the month where many parents are excited that its here cause they don’t want their kids home alone.
August is the last month before fall begins.
August is the only month that has fewer holidays than most months.
August is the month where most teens are happy because it means that it’s the last school year for most.
August is the month that I really don’t care for but I also like as well. 
By Natasha Ligons

- Queens

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Much Love,

13 Aug 2014

Outfit: Blow me away

Hee hee,
It's still summer, but ugh it really doesn't feel like it over here. It has been so rainy and windy the last few days, it feels like autumn. But you know what they say, August is the sunday of summer.
The idea makes me sad though, eventhou Autumn is my favorite season - and spring too btw. I just love the colors and being able to wear all type of things because of the varying temperatures - I don't want summer to be over yet.

Here I have an outfit of all the new stuff I got during my holiday. I still planning on making a full post showing you everything, so don't worry!

Het is nogsteeds zomer, maar ugh het voelt echt niet zo hier. Het is de laatste tijd zo regenachtig en winderig geweest, het voelt als herfst. Maar je weet wat ze zeggen, augustus is de zondag van de zomer. Het idea maakt me wel verdrietig, ookal is herfst mijn lievelings seizoen - en de lente trouwens ook, ik hou gewoon van alle kleuren en dat je verschillende dingen kan dragen omdat de temperatuur zo varieert - ik wil niet dat de zomer voorbij is.

Hier heb ik een outfit met alle nieuwe dingen die ik tijdens mijn vakantie heb gekocht. Ik ben nog steeds van plan een post te maken waarin ik alles laat zien, maak je geen zorgen!

Wearing: Zara Blouse & Jeans, H&M Hat, Nike Air Max

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Much Love,

11 Aug 2014

Outfit + Photo Diary: Appelsap 2K14

Hee guys,
'Visiting Appelsap this summer' can be officially crossed off the list. Maybe you already know what Appelsap - translation: Apple Juice - is, but if you do not know: Appelsap is a music festival in Oosterpark where you can listen to great hip-hop, soul and R & B artist. This was my third time visiting this awesome festival.

What I like about Appelsap is the vibe, you can not get a better vibe anywhere els. I also like all the new songs and artists you get to hear are super cool. This year, there were a lot of cool new artists. One of my favorites is Azekel, a young artist from London, England, you should definitely search him up - the song New Romance from him is definitely recommended! -.

Enjoy the pictures and hopefully till next year Appelsap!

'Appelsap bezoeken deze zomer' kan officieel van de lijst af worden gestreept. Misschien weet je al wat Appelsap is, aar als je het nog niet weet: Appelsap is een muziek festival in Oosterpark, waar je kan luisteren naar geweldige hiphop, soul en R&B artist. Dit was mijn derde keer dat ik dit geweldige festival bezoek.

Wat ik zo leuk vind aan Appelsap is de vibe, je kan nergens zo een geweldige vibe krijgen. Ook vind ik alle nieuwe liedjes en artiesten die je te horen krijgt super tof. Dit jaar waren er weer een boel toffe nieuwe artiesten. Een van mijn favorieten is Azekel, een jonge artiest from Londen, Engeland, je moet hem zeker opzoeken - het liedje New Romance van hem is zeker een aanrader! -.

Geniet van de fotos en hopelijk tot volgend jaar Appelsap!

Wearing: Primark Necklace, H&M Skirt, Nike Air Max

- Azekel

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and maybe I will see you next year on Appelsap!
Much Love,