20 Dec 2014

Other: Denim Workshop

Good morning lovely,
Maybe you have seen some of this shit passing by on my Instagram, if you follow me of course - @xMothii -, we had this very cool and fun denim workshop this Thursday.  

16 Dec 2014

List: All I want for christmas is..

Hee Hello,
Are you in the christmas mood already, I surely am now the christmas tree is up!
All I'm missing is fresh white snow and vacation - I can really use a vacation right now -.
But without the gifts of course christmas really isn't wat it suppose to be, so I made a little christmas list :)

What is on your christmas list this year? 

6 Dec 2014

Outfit: Because WangxH&M

Hee guys,
The hype for the Alexander Wang x H&M collection was crazy a few weeks ago.
Don't know if you where part of the hype, but I most admit I sure was.
Even though it's not time for a purchase post yet. I still wanted to share with u what I was able to get my hands on.

30 Nov 2014

Inspiration Board: But lets not think about it

A workday morning.
Alarm clock wakes
the man, yawning, 
shivering, shakes
off sheets, rising.
Another day breaks.

But thank God we still have a few more hours
not to think of this day.

23 Nov 2014

Others: Cool hotspots in Amsterdam

Hee hello, I'm back from being gone.
Sorry i just disappeared out of the blue like that, but oh what was I drowning in schoolwork.

Thank God assignment week is over and I have my head above the waves again. To make up with u I made a cool guide through amsterdam of my fav spots. Some of u guys requested this.

10 Nov 2014

DIY: Painted jeans

Inspired by Ralph Lauren painted jeans.
Maybe u read my Inspirtation post a few days ago, but I mentioned there that I would like too DIY these pants.
Do u want to now how it turnd out? Keep on reading!