Inspiration Board: Hairy thoughts

I really want to do something with my hair. As you may know I have my natural hair out again
and it has grown a lot! I'm so happy with it. Of course it's not yet at the length I want it to be, but I can definitely say I'm confident enough to style it and wear it out the way I want now.

I'm planning to leave the hair out for the summer, but I just don't want to leave it like this.
I've been thinking of dying it. I died it purple haze last year, what gave it this cool purple glaze. Unfortunately this washed out very fast -but I don't blame it, because it was a semi-permanent dye anyways-.  I do want to try the color honey brown on my hair one time. And then not my full head but maybe just a part, but I'm not sure if I want to bleach my hair.  

While still thinking of what to do with my hair, enjoy these pictures I saw on tumblr and have a good day :)!

Thanks for stopping by
and enjoy the weather!
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