Outfit: Dr. Love

So this friend of my came to me asking if I can help him out, because there was this one girl he liked...  All that was going through my mind was 'how would a  normal person react on this'.
I'm such a sucker for love. How does he expect me to play love doctor if I need a doctor myself hahah.

Still thinking of some good advice too give him. I'm not even sure how people do it in the first place. Never really have been in a serieus relationship or tried to be.. But hea I still have time to learn hahah. Any tips for my friend? let me know in the comments!

Wearing: H&M Hat, UO Turtle neck, Levi Flared Jeans
and Jeffry Campbell Mulder Boots

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Enjoy your sunday and see you in my next!
God Bless,


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