Outfit: Look who is back

Pfff, what a relieve assessment week is over aka I have vacation - no not really, but at least I don't have any schoolwork to do anymore, so that is technically the same thing-.
And do you know what makes it even better, the weather is really, really, really good!
So good I just had to wear my white culottes. I really have a love-hate relationship with that thing, but when the weather is so good it just makes it  hard to hate something.

And o hey look who is back. The fro is back and its bigger than ever before.
For the past 6 month i have been braiding my hair and haven't had my hair out for a long time. But it definitely feels good to have my big old fro back. The plan is to be naturel all summer long, but knowing myself lets see how long I can stick to this plan.

Wearing: River Island Crop, Topshop Culottes, 
Monki Sparkle Socks and White All Stars

Thanks for stopping by
and enjoy the weather!
God Bless


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