Outfit: Stupid allergies

Last week I was just doing some casual chillings, trying to enjoy my last week of vacation before school starts. Then this crazy allergy just hit my out of now where. I was't even able to enjoy my last few days of my vacation anymore, because my throat became so sensitive to everything.
So annoying and the worst part of all is that I still don't know what caused it, so I have no idea what to do....

Anyways no time for me to complain about my throat anymore, because school has started again.
Thank God I only have class this week and next week, after that I have my last "test"week and then I have 3 month vacation until all this shit start all over again. So Im gonna stay positive haha!

This outfit is from a few weeks back. I just never posted it, hope you like!

Wearing: Steps Cardigan, Halter Dress worn as Top, Zara Jeans
Topshop sparkle Socks and Nike Air Max

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and see you in my next post!
Much love,


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