Photo Diary: Weekend Antwerp (2/3)

And as I promised here are more - much more - pictures of my Antwerp trip.
We did so much that Friday there were simply not enough hours in the day for us to coffer all we wanted to do. But we did, I don't know how, but we did it. I think something what really helped, was that it wasn't my first time in Antwerp so I still knew how to find my way - thank God -.
Get ready and enjoy all the pictures and Nina's big head in them - I don't know she just ended up standing in all my pictures haha, o well -

Two things that we were very enthuse about finding was this secondhand shop called T2 and the bubble tea bar, both where a succes yeah and the bubble tea was too yummy!

Wearing: Sissy Boys (men section) Sweater, RI Socks,
Skater Skirt and White All Stars

- I want these babies so bad, ugh can't choose - 

- Such a cool changing room, I just had to take a picture -  

 - Antwerp has the biggest most gorgeous store. Just look at this building..  -

- Pose for that camera girl -

Hold up hold up, final part still coming
make sure to stay tuned!
Much Love, 


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