Outfit: "Does it come in black?"

I don't know but I keep on doing this.
How warmer it gets, how more black I wear. As if the sun sucks away all the color out of my summer looks - I don't know if I mind tho -.

The problem u often get in the summer is that u see so many trends everywhere. I love trends, but I love what I love more. What I mean with that is, is that I won't go crazy about something, if I don't like it.
That it's suddenly a trend won't make me feel different about the item than I did before.
But when I love the item and I know it's a trend I often get it in a minimum or black variant, because I just don't like the idea of me wearing it because it's in vogue know..

I don't know if what I say makes any sense, but this just crossed my mind when I was walking in the hot sun in my all black outfit haha.  Do you find yourself loving something because it's in trend? I would love to know!

Wearing: Dad's old Old Timer Beyer Jacket, Topshop Turtleneck,
Primark Pants and ASOS Schoes

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