Outfit: Picky picky me

Photobombing you with some photo's I made a few days ago for this look. It's so contrary to my last look I posted. O well, that's me one day I want noting more than black and the other day I don't even want to see it.
If people would have to make a category for people like me I think it will be named the anticategory-category hahah. I'm just not that easy to put in a box haha.

Something you can conclude out of this is that I just love so much. And sometimes I just claim not to like something to make things easier for myself, because if I need to start explaining the things I like and why I just won't stop. Pff picky picky me. But I like it that way haha :)

Wearing: River Island Crop, Vintage Jacket, random pants I found in my mom's closet
and White All Stars 

Thanks for stopping by honeys
and hope to see you in my next post!
Much Love,


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