Photo Diary: Weekend Antwerp (1/3)

I don't know for u, but I sure had a awesome weekend. Maybe you have seen some pictures of my cool trip to Antwerp on my instagram already - ow how I love that city -.
I went there last Thursday for 3 days with a very good friend of my, Nina, and we had a blast.
I got this cool opportunity from my mom and her friend for my birthday - I feel so spoiled -.
The food, hotel and transport was taking care off, so the only thing we had to do was enjoy.

My camera followed me everywhere - and if not my phone did -, so I made a lot of pictures I will be sharing with you in this three parted photo diary. Hope you enjoy and make sure to stay tuned for the next two!

- We where located in a gorgeous hotel in the middel of the city.
everything was on walking distance, it was perfect! -

Wearing: Sissy Boys (men section) Sweater, H&M Pants, White All Stars

- This restaurant was so cute. It's called Pizzeria San Remo.
The people where so nice and the food so good. I ate so much I almost exploded -

 Thanks for stopping by
and stay tuned for part 2!
Much Love, 


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