DIY: Fluffy crochet halter

So I had this crochet class few weeks ago at school. The result all looked so cool I really wanted to try it out myself and in the past two weeks where I had all the time of my life, what you maybe already know by now haha, it was the perfect time to do some practice.

Oke so before we go into how I made this you most know it takes a lot of time and dedication to get the patron good. I had to do it over so many times, it pissed me off - yes, that's the type of perfectionist I am -. Good thing about it is that you can loose it and use the same yarn again. 

First I tried it with normal grey wool, but u kept seeing all the faults I made in it, so I decided to switch to purple fluffy yarn - Note: the fluffy yarn is definitely not the best yarn to practice crocheting with as an beginner, but perfect if you know the techniek but keeping making mistakes... kugh kugh talking about myself... -. 

What you need:
-  5mm Crochet hook  
- Fluffy yarn (got mine from Zeeman for 25cent -yeehy bargainnn! -)
- Scissors  

So lets get started: 
Not my picture
1. I began with a slipknot
and made a chain that was long enough to cover both the front sides of my rib.
This was about 55chains for me.

2. When I was finished with the chain I started single crocheting
till it reached the length I desired for under my breasts. In my case that wasn't really long, I did about 20 rows or maybe less. - The hardest thing about this part is not adding or loosing any stitches -. If you did it good you will end up with a pretty rectangle.

3. When I was satisfied with the lengt I continued single crocheting, but left every first stitch when I started with a new row. 
By leaving this sticht your top will be pulling inwards and create these triangle vorm you want your halter top te be.
When I reached the length I desired and had the coverage I wanted - you can check this by holding it as if your wearing it - I sealed my work. I did this by making a loop, pull my yarn trough it as if I'm single crocheting. I pull the yarn tight I pulled trough the loop, this was you get a little not. When u are sure u sealed it good u can cut the remaining yarn off.

4. When finished with the vorm, I began making the straps on the ends of the top.
These were two at the neck area, two on the first row of the rectangle and two where the rectangle ends and triangle begins - this is optional, I just thought it looked prettier this way -.
I started the chains with a slipknot and single crocheted it too the hook and took the hook next to it in the top and single crochet again to secure it. When the slipknot was secured I made a new chain like I did in the very begin of the top, but instead of 55 stitches I made 30. I did this to every end I mentioned here above.

- Im sorry if it all sounds complicated, but make sure to check out the links below. They really helped me out! -

Links that helped me out as a beginner:
The steps to get this halter I made - Click Here
Single crocheting - Click Here

Hoped you liked this post
and see you in my next post!
Much Love,


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