Purchases: *** you tempting winter sales

It's the first one of the year, here it comes here it comes. A new list - full of money killing fabulousness and - of all the things I couldn't keep my hands of.

I most admit, it was hard with all these tempting winter sales everywhere. But I think I did a very good job keeping to my saving goals  I made for myself this new year - or maybe not, but lets just say it was-.
Were you able to control yourself during these crazy sale months? 

Tommy Hilfigger dungaree
bought from Ebay.

- They have been on my wishlist for way to long and I finally put the money down to buy them, happy happy me :) -

Click here for the full outfit post.

Wearing: Tommy Hilfiger vintage dungaree, Primark crop
 and Adidas Sneakers

O-mighty iphone case, shirt, jogging

- They honestly have the cutest things ever. I know them from instagram, make sure to check out their site :) www.o-mighty.com -

Click here for a full outfit post.

Wearing: Topshop turtle neck, O-Mighty.com track pants
and Yellow New Balance  

Blouse Dress
from H&M

- I'm so in love with it, because you can style it in so many ways. -
Preview of a new outfit post, but check out a previous outfit post with this dress just click here.

Just a little preview of the look. The post will be up soon!

Puma Disc Blaze in black

- Finally have a normal pair of black shoes to complete my all black outfits with. They are the comfiest things ever! -

Click here for the full post of the look.

Wearing: Primark Blouse, Topshop Turtleneck, Object Pants, 
RI Lace Socks and Black Disc Blaze Puma 

Faux Leather Coat 
from Zara

- When this gorgeous thing went on sale, it was just a confirmation from above for me to get it. I mean €30 is nothing for this perfect spring jacket. -

Just a little preview of the look. The post will be up soon!

Thanks for stopping by and see you in my next post!
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