Other: Stepping into adulthood

- This post suppose to be published yesterday, but something went wrong - 
Hmm so this is how 18 feels like huh. Birthdays never feel so special to me, but I most admit I had a crazy tickling feeling this morning when I woke up. I think I just realized how blessed I am and I'm so so great full to be able to celebrate my 18 years of existence on this crazy big world.

Reasons why they always tell me life starts at 18: 

# Finally recognized as an adult
# Can drive the car without supervision of elders
# Can get alcohol by myself - I don't drink but hey that doesnt matter -
# Can vote at the elections 
# Need to pay my tax myself 
# Can support charities 
# Can become membership at clubs 
# Can go to the casino
# Need ti fix my own insurance 
# Can become a donor
# Can start a business 

So let's see if I'm going to be good in this thing called life. If I forgot anything, let me know down below please :)

Thanks for stopping by girls,
Much Love,


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