Inspiration Board: Blackout

Omgosh Im so so so so so sorry. Ugh here I come with an other excuse for not sticking to my blog schedule, but believe me I DONT like it either but I really couldn't do anything about it this time.
My laptop charger brooke - yes, i'm that type of careless person that can't take proper care of her stuff pff :( - so I wasn't able to charge my laptop for almost two weeks.

I tried blogging from my phone, but I couldn't upload any photos in the blogger app so that didn't work out and on my moms laptop what is a pc I couldn't get the layout how I wanted it to be so everything just sucked.
But don't worry because I have a lot of draft waiting to be published so be ready to be bomberd with blogpost this upcoming two weeks :)!
 Now something else...

I don't know if your on tumblr, but did you all noticed the blackout hype that was going on yesterday. If you didn't let me explain: Blackout Day is a day where black people post, share, reblog, like, and distribute other photos of black people on social media. 

This was done, because lot of blogs don't showcase people of blacker complex a lot, so blackout day was made just to let people know that being of a darker skin complex doesn't make u less beautiful. This doesn't only goes for the black africans, but also for the darker asians, latino's or any other person with a dark skin complex. 

I really loved the idea of this day, if it was for me blackout day would be everyday. I have never hated myself, because of my skin color - and I thank God for that -. But knowing there are a lot of people out there that do, makes me really sad. So I decided to make a blogpost dedicated to blackout Friday with just a few of my fav pictures I came across. Enjoy the pictures and let me know what u think of the idea of blackout friday down below :)!
- But omgosh who is this tho ?! -

Thanks for stopping by
and remember you're beautiful by just being u!
Much Love, 


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