Outfit: If perfection was a coat

I think the titel discribes enough how I feel about this coat.

I posted this look earlier on my Instagram and a few days ago in my purchases post - haven't seen it yet? check it out here -.
I wanted to buy it when it just came in store, but at that time I was looking for a winter jacket and for the price that time it just wasn't a good idea.

But thank God it went on sale and thank Him one more time they still had my size! It was like a sign from above telling me to go get my hands on this gorgeous thing. The sun has been coming out more lately, so I have been able to wear it more often - jeehj, happy me -. My favorite way to style it is with an monogrom look with much layers.

Wearing: Zara Coat, H&M Leather jacket, Topshop Turtle neck,
Object Pants and White All Stars

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God bless and hope too see you in my next post!
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