Photo Diary: Juicy it up

So for everybody who saw Debby's post yesterday, the post was a little clue to the exciting news I have for the coming few days. 

While typing this I'm actually at the airport waiting till I can board. Where I'm going to is still a suprise so make sure u keep your eyes on the blog. And if u haven't seen Debby's post go check it out or click here

Now let's do a little trow back to last Saturday, cause that shit was lit. I was at Appelsap ones again and it was bigger than ever. They moved to another park in Amsterdam - my heart still goes out to Oosterpark tho -, but I sure had a good ass time!
So enjoy this little photo diary, while trying to figure our where I'm flying too in the next hour hahah - Hint: we are going to the south -  
Wearing: Selfmade Crochet Top, Cardigan, Zara Pants,
Vintage Glasses and White all Stars  

Thanks for stopping by!
Appelsap see you next year and see you in my next post,
Much love,


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