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Hey guys! 
Guess who's back again with another blog post (THIS GIRL).
I didn't get a lot comments on what I should do for this post so I was a bit lost on what I should do.

But Lona Pampa commented on my last blog post saying: "  
Hmmm...I agree, I know many people who look good but actually use cheap makeup to achieve the look. But I can't help but also have a thing for MAC makeup, haha."

I could not agree more. I totally have a thing for cheaper make-up but dang does MAC lipsticks do not look bad at all haha. But then again, it's all about the way you work it.

So today I'll be showing you guys my favorite make up look. It's simple and sophisticated. Aaah I'm so excited. This is just my regular make up look which I basically wear everyday, I wear it to school, work, when I go shopping etc.


I start of with moisturizing my face and I definitely do not go easy on that due to the fact that I have dry skin.

Then I go on to applying my primer which I purchased at a local drug store called Etos.
As some of you know you have different types of primers:  anti-redness, mattifying, skin smoothing and refreshing. Because I have smooth skin - read: no pimples, blemishes - I just always go for the skin smoothing which is just like an extra layer so my make up will be .. Smooth 

I apply my chocolate brown eyeshadow which I purchased at another local "everything" shop called action - they really have EVERYTHING, it's like your Wall-mart or Tesco but even cheaper -

I go on and apply my liquid eyeliner  which I also purchased at action.
Mascara - I wear 2 different types of mascara; a volume adding one from Hema and a "basic" one from Action - 

Dark brown pinkish blush for my cheekbones. 

And I top it off with a nice or heavy colored lipstick - depends what mood I'm or where I'm going -. 

I love sharing stuff like this with you guys due to the fact that there aren't THAT many beauty lines for dark skinned. Yes, the market is growing but most of the times and as far as I know it's quite expensive for a girl that still goes to school and doesn't have that much to spend on beauty supplies. 

I want to help you know how you can use make-up which is 'designed' for fair skinned people while not looking ashy or not fleeking.

What would you guys love to see for the next post? 
Let me know!

Don't stress, be blessed,


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