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Hey guys!
It's summer, what means it's warm and even dry in some places. But that's not an excuse not to look fly this summer! Speaking about fly, are you going on vaycay this summer or have you already travelled? If yes, where are you going/have you been?

I just came back from England and even though it's not far, I know it's hard to keep up with your make-up and hygiene while being on a plane ride especially since you can't bring liquids on board which contain more than 100 ML.


So here we go: how to keep up with your hygiene and make up while being on board.
For long plane rides: a great invention called deodorant can take you places. Make sure you purchase the pocket version which is 100 ML so you can take it with you. If you think you're starting to smell a little funky, make your way to the bathroom and spray away. Same goes for funky breath, bring a toothbrush!

Make up: make sure you pack your basic make-up in a small toilet bag.
For me basic make-up is eyeliner and mascara and a pinkish lipstick - Add whatever other basics you think you'll need -. For example, your lipstick can be used as lipstick as well as a blush - don't apply too much tho -.

The key to looking cute while travelling is keeping it simple. 
At the end of the day, people do understand you had a long azz day so whatever and aslong u feel cute your good honey. 

What would you guys like for the next post? 
Let me know down below!
Don't stress, be blessed


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