Outfit: Why is black better

Yesss, I finnaly got myself some black sneakers. Im so happy now I can finally 
wear all black looks again - and yes I said I would stop doing it, but I just love it oke :( -. 
I started wondering why black is such a loved color in fashion and out of boredom in the 
bus I looked up what black does to us and found some interesting facts about the color black. 

# black is the color of authority and power
# it makes you appear thinner
# it's timeless and stylish 
# it implies submission, fashion scientists said women that wear black implies submission to men
# it keeps you cool in the heat - i think you can guess the color i will be found in this summer -.
# it can be layered endlessly without making you look like your doing to much your best
# everyone can wear it doesn't matter your skin tone
# it doesn't looks cheap

Why do you think black is better, do you even think black is better in the first place? 
Let me know down below!

 Wearing: Primark Blouse, Topshop Turtleneck, Object Pants,
RI Lace Socks and Black Disc Blaze Puma 

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and see you in my next post
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