Outfit: Family Love

So this photo's where made yesterday.
My uncle from the States came to spend a few days at our place. It was so much fun,
it has really been a while since I saw him last. Today was his last day in Holland
so we decided to go out for dinner yesterday evening. It was good having him around again!

I have a lot of family in the States. My mom sometimes complains how she wished she moved to
America instead of here, because now it's just so hard to just drop by.
I hope to maybe go live in the States for a few years after my study. Knowing I have family over there will definitely make it less hard, than going to a random country to start a life.

Anyways this is the quick outfit I put on. It was warm, but it got chiller as the time passed.

Wearing: Primark Crop, Custom made Jacket,
Market Shorts and ASOS Flats

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and see you in my next post!
God Bless Y'll