Inspiration: Pleasant escape

Laying in bed with a good cup of tea and my one-see on, while the weather is going crazy outside.
I don't understand Holland, day before yesterday it was al sunny and stuff and look at it now. They even had to call out a code red yesterday, that is how bad it was.
But hey I can't complain, because it gave me a great excuse to stay in bed watch movies and chill on Tumblr all day. So lets just say it wasn't that bad at all.
And of course Tumblr got me all hyped up - as it always does - to do so many things and go so many places. At moments like this I wish I had a teleporting machine, so I can just beam myself to where or whatever.  But my tea is getting cold hahah, want more reasons to wish urself a teleporting machine? Make sure u follow me on Tumblr -just click here -!

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have a blessed Sunday and 
see you in my next post!
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