Outfit: Expect less, enjoy more

Always feels great when things go better when they are not planned. Being someone who likes to have a general planning for the day, it's funny how you can end up with so much more and greater experience than thought, if u just let it go. 
This was one of this days, that the universe what trying to make me clear that there is so much more to do and overcome if u just let go sometimes. And I think I need to thank the way to hot weather for this too. As if nothing can function well anymore, inclusief my brain.

So because one of my closed friends had her graduation ceremony, I wanted to go as early as possible to help her out with a couple of things. But right from the moment I woke up it was like nothing wanted to go as planned.
It all started with my hair that didn't want to do what it has to do, but ended with a cute little afro.
Then with a outfit dilemma, because I mean what on earth is smart to wear when it's 34 degree without any cold breeze outside - exactly nothing-. What caused me to miss my bus, what wasn't not so bad in the end, because it made me to walk up to a long lost friend of my in de next one.

Then finally arriving at my friends place -not so early as expected, whoops -. Getting into not planned appointments, what made me to meet new people and learning new stuff about hair, make up and stuff - because for those who know me. This homeboy over here knows nothing about that haha -.
And at last getting so overwhelmed with tiredness what made me more spontaneous than needed, but made me to meet more new people.

So in the end, I think I have nothing to complain about.

Wearing: G-Star Men Blouse, Market Shorts 
and Puma Disc Sneakers

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and see you in my next post!
Much Love, M