Collaboration: 3 Styling Tips on How to Wear Crop Tops

Wearing crop tops is becoming popular these days. Besides them oozing with belly-baring sexiness, they're also hip, fresh and sophisticated. These make them the perfect fashion staple not only for the summer but also for spring, autumn and winter. 

But considering that we all have different body shapes and not all crop tops are created or style equally, wearing them can be a little daunting. Thankfully, there are stylish ways to wear such no matter what your body shape is. Here are three of those ways so you can be on your way to become a confident fashionista you ought to be. 

Go for the Right Length
To look flattering in an eyelet crop top or semi-sheer, long-sleeve crop top, it's essential that you choose the right length. Ideally, go for those that hit your natural waistline just right. No matter what your shape is, you can be rest assured that you'll look great in a mid-riff tee or blouse.

Keep It Modest
Although crop top are daring fashion staples, anyone can wear them. Even for those who want to stay covered. Just follow this rule: the skimpier the top is, the more modest the rest of your apparel should be. So if you're wearing a bustier floral crop top, pair it with a maxi skirt or tailored trouser. This way, you can show a little bit of skin without looking like a ... you know.

Wear It with Layers
If showing your belly with a top seems daunting on your part? Fret not. Just wear a blazer or kimono jacket over it and you'll feel comfortable. By simply layering it, you make your mid-section an accent to your getup instead of the focal point, effectively covering your sides and minimizing the amount of skin you're showing. 

While it's true that wearing crop tops can be a little bit daring, these tips can help you put together a sexy, belly-baring ensemble while keeping it classy and sophisticated no matter what body shape you have.

- Photos of how I style crop tops

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