Outfit: I don't even like orange like that

I'm starting to question myself. If I hate orange like I say I do, why do I keep finding myself wearing it. 
I mean if I look back at this months outfits I find a lot of that color I hate so bad. 
Maybe I've start to embrace the color and realize it ain't that really that bad. 

Anyways those shoes I was telling u about in my last outfit post. I'm wearing them right here. I love them, but hate them. But then again I couldn't leave them so I bought them. Still wondering how to style them in other ways than all black outfits, but for know enjoy this look. 

Wearing: UO Crop, Primark Sweater, market shorts,
Nike Socks and Vilted Stan Smits

Thanks for stopping by
and see you back in Holland!
Much Love,


  1. Love this outfit, you can never go wrong with all black but the pop of colour looks so cool, you pull it off so well, p.s. your hair is gorgeous!!


    1. I'm a sucker for all black outfits to be honest haha
      and thanks doll!

  2. I love those shoes! They're so vibrant! Another simple way to wear them is with some light-washed distressed boyfriend jeans and your favorite comfy t-shirt. Go for kinda of a sporty-casual type look. Hope I helped! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash


    1. I know right and for someone wearing so much black it's a huge step haha.
      but thanks for the tip girl, definitely going to try that out!

  3. well i think they are rad. I like how you wore them with all black!

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  4. Wow great outfit, I like the pop of orange, it's really cool!

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