Outfit: Dressing down my gala dress

U know that moment u really want to wear a certain dress, but u feel too dressed up if u did. Well I had that same problem, but then I saw the amazing Margaret Zhang, from the blog Shine By Tree - u just have to take a look at her blog it's just a-ma-zing-, do it in a amazing way for a shoot. 
So I played around with the idea and I just love it. 

I tucked in the arms of my dress and tucked the blouse in the 'skirt' that was created and voila, easy huh? Turned a gala dress in a super high skirt/ low dress thing and I love it. 

Wearing: Ankara custome made dress, H&M hat, vintage blouse and White All Stars

 Have a good week and see you in my next post!
Much Love,


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