Outfit: Baby Aaliyah thought me

Overalls are the best and I finally got my hands on one, yeah!
It's a vintage Tommy Hilfiger overall that I got from ebay few weeks ago. 
It reminds me a bit of the super cool one Aaliyah used to wear in the Tommy Hilfiger commercial. 

What would you do 
To get to me
What would you say
To have your way
Would you give up
Or try again
If I hesitate
To let you win
Or would you be yourself
Or play your role
Tell all the boys
Or keep it low
If I say no
Would you turn away
Or play me off
Or would you stay
Try it - Aaliyah 
(A part of one of my fav songs of her)

Wearing: Tommy Hilfiger vintage dungaree, Primark crop
 and Adidas Sneakers

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