Others: Cool hotspots in Amsterdam

Hee hello, I'm back from being gone.
Sorry i just disappeared out of the blue like that, but oh what was I drowning in schoolwork.

Thank God assignment week is over and I have my head above the waves again. To make up with u I made a cool guide through amsterdam of my fav spots. Some of u guys requested this.

Episode - This is like one of my favorites store. I just love this place. You can found different secondhand and vintage stuff here, the people are so sweet and always so helpful. 
Funny fact is that I always went to this store to play dress up while I was waiting for my dad to finish at work, so as you can see it has always been my fav store. 

Waterloopplein - You can find little market stands here where they sell very different things - you can think of jewelry, clothing, shoes -. I bought a very cool blouse for just 1€ once here.

Negen straatjes - For little boutiques and cute coffeeshops. I always get a very vintage and layed back feeling if I'm walking through these 9 cute streets.  

Hutspot - a... what shall I call it. It’s a cafe, a store and a work space in one. But lets just say a cool place with creativity writhing all over it. You can find all different things like fashion, art and interior. Everything you see there u can buy and there is also a little coffee corner where you can just chill and enjoy the vibe.

De Wasserette - No, no, this isn't a launderette it's just a lunchroom in that vibe. Super cute I can tell you. There lunches are yummy and their coffee even more. I think I don't need to start about their pastries, I think you can guess what I think about it already.   

Sarphatipark - A cute park lying in the lovely old south of the city. Perfect place just to chill or have a nice picknick or so.

Rembrandtplein - U have enough choice for good restaurants here. The vibe is cool and so nice. 
I just go here sometimes just to chill. 

And good for me most of the spots are so close to my school - not so good for my savings tho.-
Enjoy and let me know what your favorite spots are in Amsterdam?

Sorry for my absent once again.
Hope you liked the post, comments are always welcome!
I really appreciate you guys.

Much love,


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