DIY: Painted jeans

Inspired by Ralph Lauren painted jeans.
Maybe u read my Inspirtation post a few days ago, but I mentioned there that I would like too DIY these pants.
Do u want to now how it turnd out? Keep on reading!

What u will be needing: Paint in the colors u desire to use & Painting brush 

 What to do:

 1. I First sprinkled the jeans with bleach, but as u can see it didn't had so much effect.
That is why it won't be needed to do this step.

 2. Sprinkled the jeans with white paint, as base. I did all the sprinkling with the paintbrush.
- I advice you to do all of the sprinkling outside on old newspapers. The wind was blowing so hard outside when I was doing it I still messed up the tiles. Can't imagine how I would feel if it happend inside -.

 3. I sprayed the jeans with a blue and a purple graffiti spray. I thought it gave a cool faded look.
- Personally I will advice you to stick with the normal not water based paint, for the spraying doesn't give a very big effect -.

4. Sprinkled it with black and gold paint and wiped it out a little bit with the paint brush.

5. At last I sprinkled it with brown paint. And sprinkled it with white again, because I thought the white was fading out. 

And Viola your own painted jeans. 
dont worry I will make a post wearing the pants later this week :)
Hope you liked the DIY.
Let me know if u tried it out!
Much Love, M



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