Sharing Wisdom: Saving

Hee hee,
I'm so sorry for being absent this long, but my standard excuse I had so much schoolwork...
Anyhow I'm back again and I thought it would be nice sharing you some tips about something I have be dealing with for a while now as fulltime student: SAVING

- Before I get started, noticed that translate option on the right of you screen over there. Yeah I finally got a translation button what makes it easy for you to read my blog in every desired language, HURRAY! -

Being a fulltime student and crazy shopaholic surely doesn't make saving any easier. I do love to have some money saved somewhere for just incase I can't control myself and spend all of my money on a crazy day shopping -Them struggles, pff.
This are the things I always do to stick to my saving plan:
  1. Decide how much u are planning to save every month. - don't go crazy and make goals that aren't reasonable. I go for like 30% of my monthly salary-.
  2. Put your money somewhere u can't take it easily -those piggybanks that u need to brake to get money out have always helped haha-.
  3.  Never go to the shop for no reason - cauz u know temptations temptation temptation-.
  4. Wright down your spendings
  5. Never have much cash with you - I only have coins in my purse-.
  6. Keep in your back head how much you want to save and if you have reached your goal for that month already.
  7. Only buy things you need - Never do it if you are in doubt-.
  8. Swap clothes with family and friends - I always try to give my old stuff away. You know what they say 'someone's junk could be an other's his treasure' -.
These are the things I do, let me know what you do!

Hope this will help someone out there
Thanks for stopping by!
Much Love,


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