Collaboration: 3 Ways to Keep Winter Blues at Bay

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If you've red my last posts, you may have noticed that I have been in a winterblues myself lately. 
Stephanie from the made this cool post with tips to fight the winterblues. 
So who is joining me in this fight against the way to cold weather? Then keep on reading!

A change of season brings a shift of mood. On Spring and Summer, we tend to have high chances of spending the day outdoors, and on winter, cocooning ourselves with chunky sweaters  and hibernate all day long.  
And as many of you know, when you're cooped up inside, there's a tendency to go all mopey and sad. The side-effects of winter.  
Fortunately, there are lots of ways to overcome seasonal affective disorder or SAD. Below, are just  3 things you can do.  

Tip # 1. Go out for a walk 
There's no easier way to feel better, get in shape and slim down than having a walk around the neighborhood. Walking, especially in the outdoors, improves mood and is the best way to de-stress this season. 
Take a deep breath and try to have fun making stories about the lives of people you see on the street. Who knows? Maybe you'll be inspired enough to start your own novel! 

Tip # 2. Get enough sleep 
Since the temperature is a few degrees below zero, we tend to be lazy, stay indoors (probably in bed where we can cuddle with our pillows all day long) and get MORE sleep. 
Try not to oversleep, though, since it'll make you MORE TIRED than usual. If you really can't help but feel tired all the time, try taking some short naps That way, your energy will be replenished. 

Grey Chunky Sweater 
Whenever you hit the sack,  always opt to wear something comfortable, such as pullovers and knit sweaters, since it's very cozy to wear. And it can help you get a good night's sleep. 

Tip #3. Drink something warm 
Head outside and hit a coffee shop or a tea house this season with your friends. Grab your favorite cup of Joe or a hot chocolate to keep you warm. This can help you de-stress while chilling with your BFFs or special someone. 

And there you have them. Don't stay coop up on your room all day long if you want to beat the winter blues.  
By the way,  if you've got other tips to share, please do. I'd be glad to hear from you. 

Hope you enjoyed the post!
See you in my next one.
Much Love,
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