Outfit: Because WangxH&M

Hee guys,
The hype for the Alexander Wang x H&M collection was crazy a few weeks ago.
Don't know if you where part of the hype, but I most admit I sure was.
Even though it's not time for a purchase post yet. I still wanted to share with u what I was able to get my hands on.

At first I wasn't so into the collection. I mean what does a not so sporty person - well the only thing I do is run for the bus and walk to the refrigerator sometimes... -  has to do with so much sport influenced clothing. Anyways I do wanted to get my hands on something, I mean it still is Alexander Wang right?!

So there I went during schoolbreak hoping I will still see something I would like and yes I did.
I got the black 'this is a Alexander Wang crop top' in black and got my hands on the grey scuba 'WANG' sweater few days after.
My prayers where answered  and oh what was I happy. I was lucky enough to get the two pieces I wanted the most. Here are some pics of how I styled them.

What did you thing of the collection and where you able to get something from the Alexander Wang x H&M collection? 

Wearing: Alexander WangxH&M Sweater, Diy'ed pants -click here for the DIY-, 
Dr. Martens Boots

Wearing: Alexander WangxH&M Crop top, Primark Skirt
Alysa platform shoes

Have a lovely weekend y'all.
Thanks for stopping by
and see you in my next post!

Much Love,


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