DIY: Leopard Jumper

Hello guys,
Hope you all are doing well. Had the opportunity to reseat a couple of tests, they went all good for my feeling :). Because I didn't have any class today I thought why not doing some DIY stuff.
I end up pimping my old cropped sweater from MEXX with some leopard fabric.

It was so easy, this is what I did:

First, what I used:

You can choose if you want to sew or use glue. I used glue because I'm lazy and it was easier for me, because my sewing machine is broke, mwehh :( - Need to get myself a new one, but that means I need to get myself a job first…

I accidentally took blue tread instead of black. You have to use tread that match your  fabric keep that in mind!

Secondly, the steps I followed:
Step 1 The Sleeves. 
Decide how wide you want the slip to be. I went for 18 cm and thought it would look cool at the end of the sleeve. I drew a line on the back of the fabric (not the good side) to know where I had to start cutting. I did this two times, for every sleeve.

Step 2 The Front Pocket
I measured the pocket of the sweater and drew it on the back of the fabric (not the good side) just to guide me again what I had to cut out.

Step 3 Glueing The Fabric To The Sweater
I think This doesn't need any explanation. I just a normal glue from HEMA that was also good for fabric. I let the glue dry for a day before I washed or wear it. 


Just 3 easy steps I do want you to keep in mind that this is what I did. You can make any design or do anything that you want to do! Hoped you like this post. 

I've been think about doing a DIY post ones or twice a week what do you think?

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  1. Nice and very creative gurl.
    Like that.

    x Lori

  2. I love your blog

  3. This is such cute DIY! You should definitely do a DIY post once a week :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! & sure, I would love for us to follow each other <3

    lots of love, Dana Carmella
    Bloglovin' & Blog: Pretty Odd ♡

    1. I love doing diy too myself but just don't always have the time to do them. Hope to do it more often tho :)

  4. this is very cool diy!


  5. really cool diy idea :) it looks amazing :)

  6. Great DIY, thank you so much ! <3

    By the way, how would you feel about.. What if I say.. "Following each other" ?
    I know it seems stupid, but I'm a new blogger, I like your blog, and well.. You know what ? Just take a look at my blog, follow me on bloglovin' (GFC doesn't work for a strange reason :( ) if you like, let me know so I can follow back !

    Hope you had a gread day, kisses from Paris,

  7. Great work ! I won't be able to do that, I'm so awkward with my hand ^^'