The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Hello Guys,

It is december what means a lot of christmas songs, food, family visits and shopping.
Who doesn't love december. The only thing I hate is the terrible weather, but I'm leaving in Holland what means I've seen a lot - At the moment the wind is blowing with 130 km/h, but don't worry I will survive.

December also means a lot of giving, what means a lot of buying, what means on the end of this ride I will be broke. But december is also a month of receiving and sharing this beautiful days with all your love ones. That is why I love December so much!

I made a list of outfit I would wear on Christmas and/or New Year:
If you're not following me on Polyvore make sure you do so! I will be making more outfit soon and adding them to my December Collection! So stay tuned! My Polyvore Page

It's The Season To Be Joyful
Polyvore Collection

Black on Black on Versace
The Holiday All Black look with a touch of Gold

Lets Party
The Sequin Dress

Ready To Go
The Two Piece

I also made a wish-list for Christmas, maybe some nice stuff for your list maybe?

1. Globe Bantman Skateboard - Here
2. Daisy by Marc Jacobs  - Here
3. I love ugly + 5 panel - Here
4. Monkey Nail Dryer - Here
5. Happy Socks - Here
6. L'Oreal Steam pod Steam Flat Iron - Here

What do you love about december? Have you made a long-ass wish list with cool ass stuff like me?
Tell me all about it down below. Always love to read your sweet comments!

See you in my next post loves,


  1. Vavavum great looks, I particularly love the last one!

  2. Oh I know! I love December, but the weather kills. It was just 16 degrees here in Wisconsin and it felt in the negatives. I love the party outfit and the ready to go. Gorgeous pieces.


  3. I love that first outfit, it's lovely! Those shoes!

    Corinne x

  4. You have a very nice blog, I like it :)
    I invite you to visit mine, and if you like it would be great to follow each other? :)
    (GFC, Bloglovin, FB)

  5. gorgeous sets, lovin that sequin/glam dress.

  6. Great outfits!

    Would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin '? Let me know :)

    Best wishes!

  7. Amazing sets! Great outfits:)

  8. It is a great selection of looks honey!!!!
    You have a nice blog. Kisses

  9. Love all of these sets, they're gorgeous!
    This is a really great post :)


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  10. All the sets looks so nice, great job! :)
    Greetings from Finland<3

  11. Great blog...;) i like the party look
    following you back via Google to follow back via GFC or Google+


    1. Your style is amazing, followed you back!

  12. The furry coat in the first set is amazing!

    xo Mel
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  13. Wow ! i like the first one black on black versace


  14. The color combo is perfect!! Fab design!!