It's the perfect weather for a sweater

Good afternoon my lovely readers,
I have no words for the weather right now. It rains, then stops and all of a sudden it starts raining very hard again. It's so frustrating not knowing what is going to happen next...

I haven't wear this baby blue sweater in ages and I thought today was the perfect day for it, and so it was - not to cold and not to hot, just perfect !
Love my my black see-through backpack! Unfortunately the bag can't take a lot of weight, so I'm very careful with it and only use it on short school days, as I had today.

How have the weather been in your place, I hope not as bad as in not so sunny Holland?


Sweater - Primark
White Shirt - Mom's closet
Necklace - Primark
Pants - ZARA
White All Stars

Hope you enjoyed this post!
A little sneak peak is coming soon, about what I have been up to creative wise, so stay tuned!