Hello guys,
This afternoon i got a mail from wantworthy.com 
WANT WORTHY finally have there app called Fresh.

They made it so easy to shop online with this app.
You can add your fav stores and  buy it or add it to your want-list.
In your home page you can find posts off different items that the shops you added post for you to see.

Also if you download the app in the next 24 hours and post a screenshot of your feed on instagram or twitter @shopfreeshap and hashtag #winmylist you can win your list up to $1000


 i wanted to add a few items from my want-list and share this with you guys i hope you enjoy.
You can check my want worthy page out here:

Gladiator sandals €67 - Riverisland.com

I saw this sandals in the River Island shop in Amsterdam actually. After i wore them i fell in love immediately, i didn't want to take them off anymore. But my mom didn't want to buy them for me - even my puppy eyes thing didn't work.
I couldn't buy them myself either, because i was broke like always.
I really need new sandals, still want them maybe my puppy eyes will work tomorrow -
Never give up right haha. 

Round sunglasses €13,16 - Oasap.com

I don't know why i want to buy new sunglasses when i have so many at home, but it's like i can't have enough of them. And they're actually on sales so why not.
I just like the frame of the glasses allot, it has this cat-eye kinda detail that i think is very cute.

Convertible backpack €80 - Blackblessed.com

Just look at her outfit is it not beautiful. I'm so in love with everything she is wearing - and i'm not even a big fan of white.
I saw it on a blogpost from Love Aesthetics - check out her blog she is so stylish.

But it was really the bag that caught my eye. You can use it as a clutch, as roll top backbag or as a shoulder bag isn't that just awesome. What do you want more from a bag?! And i really need a plane white bag, and this would be the perfect one! 

Felt Fedora With Metal Band €37,11 - Asos.com

And last but not least this hat.
It's a simple hat, but the gold detail just make it a bit more interesting.
And i think a hat like this would be great in this weather.
I don't know i just love it.

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost, hope to see you soon again.
And don't forget to make your own want worthy-account and send a screenshot of your feed to them you never know maybe you are the lucky winner.



  1. I literally want the exact same items!!!! <3 <3
    Great sense of style my dear.

    With a lot of love,

    1. omgosh that's awesome!!
      Aahw that is sweet, your sense of style is great to honey!!

      Much of Love xo'